Werewolves are one of the sentient species' that inhabit the lands of Aracanus.

Werewolves are often viewed as the evolutionary 'sibling' of Vampires, due to the two species possessing similar biological traits.

Biology Edit

Werewolves, for the most part, appear to be whatever species they are based on. The only signs of lycanthropy whilst they are in Base shape, are the slightly sharper canine teeth, and the general signs of physical exhaustion. However, these signs can also be attributed to Vampires, certain species' of Nymphs, and even regular Humans.

Werewolves are able to change between their Wolf shape and their Base shape at will, with the exception of a full moon. During voluntary transformation- any time that is not a full moon- Werewolves have full sentience and control over their own actions. Most Werewolves use their Wolf shape to increase their speed or physical strength, a trait that is especially desired in Explorers.

During a full moon, however, Werewolves lose their sentience and take on more animalistic traits. They hunt, usually to kill, and whilst they rarely attack Humans and other sentient species, it is not unheard of. The effects of a full moon can be prevented with a certain potion, invented in Regalis during the rule of Spencer Tenebrae.

Werewolves are able to be almost any base species, with a few exceptions- Altoums, and Vampires cannot be Werewolves, nor can Half-Bloods.

Born and Made Werewolves Edit

Like a few sentient species' of Aracanus, Werewolves can be both born Werewolves, and turned from full bloods of most species (excluding Altoums and Vampires) but cannot be turned from half-bloods.

Born Werewolves are able to turn non-Werewolves, and/or are able to pass down their Werewolf genes to any offspring. Werewolf genes are dominant, and are not able to be passed down invisibly.

Made Werewolves are unable to turn non-Werewolves, and also are unable to pass the gene down to offspring.

In order for a born Werewolf to turn a non-Werewolf, the two beings must share blood. Generally, this involves a ritual where the palm of each person's hand is cut, and pressed together for up to five minutes. This does not guarantee that the non-Werewolf will be turned, however, and more modern and desperate methods involve injecting the non-Werewolf with blood from a born Werewolf, although this can cause other problems with matching blood types, depending on how much blood is injected.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Werewolves have many strengths as a species, such as superhuman strength in both Wolf and Human shape, and increased night vision.

Werewolves abilities include:

  • Super strength
  • Increased Night Vision
  • Ability to turn Non-Werewolves
  • Shapeshifting (Between Wolf and Human Form)