Terrum is the second-largest continent in Aracanus, located to the west on the world map. It is split into three countries, two of which are then separated into states.

Geography Edit

Terrum is comprised of a single landmass, much unlike the other continents. The island is divided by Knott's Line, a series of mountains and volcanoes that forms the country of Apertium.

On the east side of Apertium is Solcaer, the country that was home to Bleaks previous to the events of The Circle of Fortune.

On the west side of Apertium is Ainebir, the country that was previously home to Mages almost exclusively.

Population Edit

Terrum is home to multiple species' of Souls, both Mages and Bleaks alike. Like the rest of Aracanus, Humans are the most common.

Terrum, specifically Ainebir, has one of the highest Vampire populations in the world, whereas Solcaer has one of the highest populations of Werewolves in Aracanus.